mom's bread

  • 4c Water
  • 2/3 c Sugar or Honey ~ Heat to melt butter – cool to lukewarm
  • 3T Salt
  • ½c Margarine

      4T Yeast

    Proof ~ 2c Water (very warm) Sprinkle of Sugar


  1. Add yeast to lukewarm mix in large bowl until it has doubled
  2. add and mix: sunflower and sesame seeds, wheat germ, oat and wheat bran bulgur
  3. add flour (whole wheat and some white) 6-8 cups until ball is soft but not sticky – should feel nice
  4. put in greased bowl ~ cover and let rise 30-60 minutes punch down ~
  5. knead and shape
  6. put in greased pans, turn buttered side up
  7. preheat oven to 400° ~ turn down to 375° add water carefully. Done when sounds hollow when dropped.


  • makes 6 loaves