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'Brash, loud and obnoxious gay male' doesn't have right to rude emails, tribunal rules

Over the years, Colbert has sent hundreds of these off-colour messages to officials at the District of North Vancouver, prompting council to adopt a policy that redirects all email from people who have a history of sending threatening and inappropriate messages to the municipal clerk. But even that didn't dissuade Colbert, who was the only person covered by this policy. He turned to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, filing a complaint that alleged the municipal government was discriminating against him because he is gay and has been an advocate for LGBTQ issues. He described himself as a "brash, loud and obnoxious gay male," and said the district was trying to avoid oversight and input from its citizens, according to a tribunal decision.

Cabbie lied about why he refused blind man's ride, admits 'I don't like dogs' to tribunal

... they were waiting outside with Belusic's guide dog, a yellow lab named Birch, when they got an automated phone call to say their taxi had arrived. Belusic testified that he heard a car pull up, then drive away.

In his defence, driver Gurdeep Dhesi maintained that he cancelled the ride because his son had called and needed to be picked up. Dhesi had claimed his son contacted him by cellphone, but when he was ordered to produce call records to prove that, it turned out his son didn't even own a cellphone.

In a letter to the tribunal earlier this year, Dhesi admitted, "I chose not to pick up Mr. Belusic in the afternoon of December 29, 2016 because I don't like dogs."

pharmasist insults women for prescription


Walgreens says it allows pharmacists to step away from filling a prescription "for which they have a moral objection," but that they are required to "refer the prescription to another pharmacist or manager on duty to meet the patient's needs in a timely manner." The woman, Nicole Mone Arteaga, said she was later able to pick up her prescription from another Walgreens store.

oil research

The Fatal Flaw of Alberta’s Oil Export Expansion

...Dirty bitumen becomes a “product” or a “resource”. How sanitary. Blowing a hole in Canada’s national carbon budget as pledged under the Paris climate agreement becomes a “nation-building” crusade. A tax to help cut carbon pollution is a brave, virtuous policy—but only if tar sands/oil sands output can accelerate, and the tax rate is carefully calibrated to not put a dent in that. Fossil producers must pay royalties to help a debt-laden province—but are allowed to pay in barrels of raw bitumen instead of cash.